Andrea Cardia, MD, is a neurosurgeon who specialized in skull base vascular and skull base surgery. He graduated from the school of medicine of Cagliari (Italy) and completed in Milan his residency in Neurosurgery.
From 2003 till 2011 he worked at the Galeazzi Hospital, Milan.
Actually he is working at the Humanitas Research Hospital, Milan as Head of Neurovascular and Oncological section.
In the researches area, he’s mainly interested on vascular, endoscopic and anatomical area. He published also some anatomic studies like the “Endoscope assisted infratentorial-supracerebellar approach to the third ventricle” and “Anatomy and course of the ophthalmic artery”. Vascular research program: Observational study in Cavernous Angiomas: biomarkers and genetic.
He is on the faculty of many international anatomic dissection courses such as the Skull base course of the Cornell University NY,

Andrea Cardia
Head of Neurovascular and Oncological Section
Department of Neurosurgery
Humanitas Research Hospital
Via Manzoni 56, Rozzano-Milano

Phone: 00393389721678